Chemical Companies

Our more than 30 years of experience with fuel distributors made the addition of chemical companies in the last decade a natural transition. Over the last few years we have been developing our offering and we now provide specialist insurance services to the full range of chemical industries.

We won’t just arrange standard commercial insurance for you, our core package includes cover for risks unique to the chemicals sector:

- Crisis-management and media protection
- Cost of Stock Debris Removal
- Clean-up of Own Land (following a sudden and unforeseen spillage of product) up to £250K as standard
- Stock Cost Fluctuation (to manage product cost variations) 15% uplift
- High Public Liability limits of indemnity available
- Statutory Environmental Protection up to the Public Liability limit  of indemnity
- Rehabilitation Services

Clients of OAMPS will automatically benefit from Level 2 & 3 Environmental Response Service in the event of a spillage 24/7; we offer Level 1 Environmental Response Service at a discounted rate. We can also offer specialist driver training in ADR and CPC at a discounted rate via our parent company.

Hazchem Network

We are proud to be the appointed Insurance Managers for the Hazchem Network

Chemicals North West

Our membership of Chemicals North West gives us in-depth insight into the risks faced by companies in the chemicals sector

What type of businesses do we work with?

Companies who manufacture, blend, wholesale, import/export, store and/or haul chemicals across a diverse range of industry sectors

We can arrange all major insurance classes, including but not limited to:

Motor Fleet including:

  • Liability for accidental spillage during loading/delivery off/on public highways
  • Liability for damages arising out of the accidental contamination of a third party product as a result of driver negligence
  • £10m Third Party Property Damage
  • £1m Statutory Environmental Liability

Commercial Combined including:

  • Employers, Public & Products Liability
  • Pollution & Contamination Liability
  • Property Damage
  • Business Interruption

Goods in Transit including:

  • Losses resulting from office errors

Cyber including:

  • Costs for breaches & damage to data
  • Network failure/security liability
  • Ransomware and cyber terrorism

Terms and Conditions will apply, including exclusions. Get in touch for more information


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