24/7 Environmental Emergency Response

OHES is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy, providing emergency response, investigation and remediation service when an environmental incident takes place. Its holistic approach means it also works with companies with the aim of preventing incidents from occurring.

An effective partner, OHES understands the commercial and environmental pressures its clients face; it acts as the bridge between these two - often competing - worlds and gives its clients peace of mind.

An OHES client has never been prosecuted where OHES has handled the first response.

Clients of OAMPS will automatically benefit from Level 2 & 3 Environmental Response Service in the event of a spillage 24/7. We can also offer the Level 1 Environmental Response Service at a discounted rate. Our clients can also purchase consultancy services including:

  • Environmental claims management
  • Contaminated land investigation, remediation and environmental due diligence
  • Emergency response to spillages
  • Ecology and fisheries
  • Water quality & environmental monitoring