OAMPS supports Premiums4Good initiative to help good causes

Most people agree that supporting good causes is a great idea, but many businesses find it difficult to provide financial support in the current economic climate.


OAMPS Hazardous Industries have teamed up with QBE European Operations to offer Premiums4Good; a ground-breaking initiative where you can ask QBE to invest 25% of the premium you pay into investments with an additional social objective.   Examples of these investments include Social Impact Bonds, Green Bonds or investments into projects with social benefits.


Social Impact Bonds represent a growing investment opportunity that provides funding for initiatives with directly observable social benefits. These include for example reducing homelessness; improving chances for children in foster care; reducing childhood asthma; and improving school performance of children from ‘at risk’ households.


Green Bonds mean an investment into projects with environmental benefits such as renewable energy, waste management and water conservation.


With the Premiums4Good initiative, the investment is made directly into projects which deliver benefit to communities and the environment, rather than into general ethical or environmental funds.


There is no-risk to you; all the investment risk falls to QBE.  All you have to do is to elect to join Premiums4Good at next renewal.


Adam Shefras, OAMPS Managing Director, said: “I’m proud to be in a position, in conjunction with our partners, to be able to offer our clients a way to support initiatives that underline the sector’s commitment to environmental and social projects. This is made possible by a process that doesn’t add a penny to their insurance costs, yet has the potential to change a life or transform a community.”