Our parent company, Pen Underwriting

Who are Pen?

Formed through an amalgamation of roughly a dozen underwriting businesses in 2014, Pen Underwriting is one of the largest underwriting businesses in the UK, providing insurance policies for a variety of different risks in a multitude of sectors, including the hazardous and environmental industries.

How does Pen’s ownership of OAMPS benefit my business?


Pen employs a team of underwriters who are specialists in the hazardous and environmental industries; so whether you are an environmental consultant or a business that deals with hazardous goods and tankers, Pen will work with OAMPS to understand your risks.


Pen Underwriting and OAMPS are part of the Gallagher group, one of the largest insurance brokerages in the world; through this relationship OAMPS can offer the security and leverage that comes as part and parcel of working with multinational insurance corporation.


Gallagher’s leverage, combined with the expertise that Pen has in its marketplace, means that an expectation of competitive pricing is both reasonable and sensible. As the insured you achieve a price that is not only competitive but accurately represents the risks that your business faces.


OAMPS will represent your interests through the claims process while Pen provides the claims service, an arrangement which means that if the worst happens you will receive a friction-free service.

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Our people

Because of their knowledge and experience, our people are our most valuable asset