Theft Prevention Guidance - Fuel Distributors

Published On : 24 May 2021

The impact of fuel thefts from distributors can often be significant; in both the costs of the stolen fuel stock, but also the costs of repairing or replacing storage tanks and any other damaged property, as well as the possible environmental impact if fuel is spilled during the theft.

There are a number of actions distributors can take to minimise the likelihood of such an event occurring, and listed below are a selection that could help.  We would always recommend speaking to suitably experienced specialists regarding any of the security and training topics to ensure you are receiving appropriate advice.


  • Perimeter checks before locking up/closing
  • Removing any shrubs/trees near perimeter fencing
  • Liaise with neighbouring businesses on CCTV use plus potential access points to your business
  • Ensure perimeter lighting is sufficiently bright and operational
  • Install unmonitored CCTV covering tanks
  • CCTV signage mounted on perimeter fences
  • Carry out basic DBS checks on new/potential employees
  • Fit anti theft locking caps on Bulk Storage Tanks
  • Lock away any tools that could be used to help the thieves steal your stock
  • Internal / External reporting procedures e.g. Management / Police
  • Site Access procedures
  • Booking in procedures for visitors / contractors 
  • Limit number of keyholders
  • Staff parking away from main site
  • Controlled access to loading bays, vehicle key storage and control systems
  • Toolbox talks on security to help embed a security driven culture amongst all employees


  • Steel palisade fencing around exposed perimeter
  • Additional secured interior/secondary fencing
  • Perimeter alarms
  • Install monitored CCTV covering tanks
  • Use of external security company
  • Security plan 
  • Staff training on theft prevention


  • Detector activated remote control CCTV with voice challenge
  • Tank monitoring linked to alarms on Bulk Storage Tanks - triggered if any empting outside of hours
  • Electronic flow control switches on Bulk Storage Tanks 

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