24/7 Emergency Environmental and Disaster Response
24/7 Emergency Environmental and Disaster Response

24/7 Emergency Environmental and Disaster Response

24/7 Emergency Environmental Response

As an OAMPS Petrochemical client you receive access to our 24 hour environmental emergency response facility operated by OHES Environmental, our sister company. Their environmental consultants and clean up specialists will take instant control of the situation, acting rapidly and effectively during the vital first few hours to minimise the effects of the incident.

Knowing help is always at hand is crucial. If you suffer a major incident out of office hours when brokers or insurers are not contactable, your response could be significantly delayed. A fast response is vital, not only for containing the situation and avoiding fines, but a late or poor response can boost claim costs and see your insurance premium spiral. OHES Environmental’s team of expert Incident Advisors are available 24 hours a day every day of the year to take new instructions and provide specialist advice in the event of an incident.

Meeting your legal obligations

The HSE expects every business in your sector to have a Disaster Recovery Plan as part of your COSHH risk assessment. If you suffer a major incident and you don’t have such a plan, then you could be heavily fined. These OAMPS Petrochemical services help you meet this legal obligation. OHES Environmental can also provide you with a 24-hour emergency number to put on your tanker plates to obtain Specialist Advice for movements of dangerous goods (including kerosene, petroleum and diesel) in the UK. This service is provided at a significant discount for OAMPS insured clients.

What to do in an emergency

Call OAMPS Claims on 01372 869700. Outside normal office hours, emergency spillage calls will be forwarded to the on-duty Incident Advisors.

Please have the following information handy:

  1. Name & Contact Number
  2. Confirmation that you are an OAMPS client and the name of the policyholder
  3. Details of the product involved
  4. Quantity of product involved
  5. Overview of the incident
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